About Murdoch Music

Perhaps one of the most frequent questions I receive is where the company name ‘Murdoch Music’ came from – it’s a family name of old Scottish origin. I’ve been told that the clan motto is Omnine Secundo, meaning “Under favourable auspices” or, in plain English, “Under kind guidance.”

Considering that the company began as a way for me to lend a helping hand to musicians and entertainers trying to reach the next level of their career – and because it’s a strong name from my Mother’s side of the family (gotta represent), I thought it worthy to register and run with.

So in 2011, Murdoch Music Management was founded. You can read all about my history here.

Since then I’ve been privileged to work with many artists, entertainers and industry professionals. The entertainment community has even been so kind as to indulge my curiosity by the way of formal interviews recorded on the Murdoch Music Podcast, which is now going into it’s third season.

My team has expanded to include my partner-in-crime, digital marketer, grant-writer and all-around writer/editor Tanya Chopp-Fraser, who has teamed up with me to launch our associated blog, the M note, where you can find articles on all things work, life, and music, created from the slant of a music industry professional.

Thanks for visiting the site.

As always, if you have comments, questions or other queries, you can contact me anytime.



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