Paper Promotion: Ken Yates is our Posterboy

On Sunday, we set out on the streets to promote Ken Yates & Peter Katz’s upcoming show at the Aeolian Hall in London Ontario on March 16, at 8pm.

poster board

Armed with… well an armful of posters, a freshly purchased staple gun and a roll of packing tape we strapped on our runners and laid down 10,000 footprints across the city, from North to South, but mostly on high-traffic Richmond Row.

How does it look?  Looks Yatesy!

How does it look?
Looks Yatesy!

Don’t ever kid yourself – promoting music (even when it’s really good music) is a tough job, if for no other reason than for being time consuming.

Prior to heading out on the street, we also ensured that all of the proper online event listings had the show on their radar.

Lucky for us, the weather cooperated on Sunday – and so did many store owners who graciously allowed us to post on their community boards and windows.

If you’re hoping to promote yourself but don’t know where to place your paper – look for the wooden boards spread out around downtown on street lamps. Local library branches, coffee shops and music stores were also very receptive.

Tim Fraser, telling the plywood who's boss. It's Ken Yates & Peter Katz!

Tim Fraser, telling the plywood who’s boss. It’s Ken Yates & Peter Katz!

As an extra bonus, downtown London was alive with commotion, as the city celebrated the kick off of the World Figure Skating Championships at Budweiser Gardens.

As we walked past Bud Gardens, children were giving their best figure skating poses while their parents snapped pictures.

Just down the street, wood carvers put on an amazing demonstration of artistry against the backdrop of a dozen buzzing chain saws. Saw dust fluttered through the air, covering our hair and lining the gutters of side streets, but it was worth getting covered in wood bits just to get close to these amazing pieces.

Apparently, the artwork is slated to be auctioned off in support of “Carving a Chunk out of Cancer”. It’s totally worth looking them up online!

Here are a few pics:

Carving out Cancer

cat climbing down

bear carving

wooden knight

carving yard


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