Murdoch Music Podcast Ep. 3 Senior Music Agent, Grant Paley, Paquin Entertainment

This episode is a shorty but it’s a goodie.

Tim dials up Paquin senior booking agent Grant Paley, to discuss his beginnings as a bedroom DJ, his time on the road with the band Moses Mays and what it’s like to book major tours across the country for acts like Said The Whale, Old Man Luedecke and Royal Canoe.

You will hear about the ups and downs on the booking world, and hear some high energy music from The Funk Hunters.

So how did he become so awesome? What is it like to be a booking agent? And how did he land his sweet gig with ? The answers may surprise you.

Download or stream the episode to find out.

Bonus! The Murdoch Music Podcast also just made the ‘New and Noteworthy’ page in iTunes! Thanks iTunes & thank you to my amazing guests!


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