Variety: Monsters of Schlock

The World’s Most Extreme Two Man Circus Sideshow

Canadian entertainers The Monsters of Schlock have sold out shows internationally as ‘The World’s Most Extreme Two Man Circus Sideshow Comedy Magic Extravaganza’.

Canadian brothers, Burnaby Q. Orbax and Sweet Pepper Klopek are the madmen behind The Monsters of Schlock. Together, they’ve performed in theatres, carnivals, festivals, night clubs and colleges worldwide.

The ‘Mad Bastards’ Who’ve Been Seen Around the World

In the past year their madcap stunts have been broadcast on Canadian television to over 2 million viewers, to a million in the United States, and to over 8 million viewers in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Showcased in the Ripley’s: Believe It or Not compendium and with multiple Guinness World Records, the ‘Canadian Mad Bastards’ continue to entertain worldwide.

The duo is a touring juggernaut performing over two hundred live shows this year alone to crowds ranging from ages 8 to 80!



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