Let the adventure begin!

Well folks, it was an early start as I stuffed myself into a Robert Q Airbus, bleary-eyed, with a bag of homemade muffins and a large Timmies coffee in hand.

Brrrr...I'm'a leave my jacket on in Kansas

Brrrr…I’m’a leave my jacket on in Kansas

Wait…I think technically it wasn’t early… it was ‘late’..

That’s what you call it when it’s still technically NIGHT right?

After that rough, 4:00 am start, I was off to Kansas City, Missouri, for my second and most exciting year yet, at Folk Alliance International.


Travel is one of those things that seems like a good idea when you don’t really do it much. But then the reality washes in quickly – rife with of long waits, crappy deep fried airport food (which was actually so delicious that I burned the crap out of my mouth just trying to shove it down my gullet too fast..again), and strange whistling sounds that scream from the airplanes DOOR? During takeoff?

photo 3


Anyway, I’m here and after a nice long sleep, I’ll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with my ears perked up to the sweet sounds of top-notch folk.

P.s. While it’s cold in KC this year (we had sweater weather in 2014!) it’s still warmer than London’s bitter winds…and now that those exhausting 10 hours of being lugged like human cargo are behind me, the romantic notions of travel are already swelling back once more.

photo 1

So excited to have the ‘good view’ this year! Hello Kansas City!



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