Folk Alliance Recap

Well, I think it’s going to take a while to catch up on sleep after those five crazy days at Folk Alliance International in Kansas City… and I regret nothing!



From hearing Chris Hadfield distill his space wisdom upon us (did you know that the space station orbits the Earth, like 40 times per day? That’s a lot of sunrises, people), to seeing his face pop up at the Bombadil’s penthouse showcase – we definitely felt star-struck (har har *cough* LAME).

We may have been so inspired by Col. Chris Hadfield that we retitled many of the Bombadil’s songs to reflect our new affinity for this adventurer… Giving “Heave away” the old heave-ho in favour of “Space Away”… not funny? Okay.. well, you had to be there, so….

Seriously though, the roster that Folk Alliance puts together is off the chain – and the musicianship is absolutely mind-blowing.

During the final few days of the conference I spent my time immersed in catching new acts and following up with those that I’d met last year.



Though the bourbon went ‘down’ pretty well with some of my podcast guests (watch our Facebook as exciting new episodes are released), The Bombadils came through for me just in time with some healthy-salad to get me back on track. Apparently, the band-manager relationship is a two-way street…and sometimes artists look out for you. Thanks guys!

Music conferences are usually filled with a lot of late nights, and the last night of FAI was no exception… once the showcase rooms closed, artists took to any other free space available. Just walking through the halls and past the hotel cafe one would stumble upon amazing jam sessions like this one:

Hope the video works!

For more photos and #FAI2015 recaps, please see our other posts here and here.

Lastly, I just want to extend a huge congrats to all of the artists, industry people and associations who came together to make this year’s event such a huge success. Thank you to Folk Alliance International for providing such an amazing opportunity for folk music aficionados to come together in a welcoming, open and engaging way – to really and truly share the love of the craft.

Till next year!



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