FIA log, earth date 02-19-2015

Folk Alliance International Conference, Day 2

The bands are here, the booths are erect, the showcase rooms are set and ready – and now we start to really dig into the meat of the conference… or should I say, the meet of the conference? Har-Har *cough* LAME 😉

Look at that friendly face!

Look at that friendly face!Seriously though, my voice is starting to get hoarse from all of the talking I’ve been doing.

If there’s anyone out there who is nervous about attending FAI next year because they don’t know anyone, believe me, there’s no snobbery here. You’ll make a lot of friends very quickly.

For instance, look at me and fellow Tim, Tim Chaisson. Nothing but smiles, folks..

Highlights of the day included:

  • sitting in on a panel discussion hosted by other artist managers who talked about the ups and downs of the job, challenges, opportunities and how to work with booking agents. It was really inspirational to listen to meet these four people, who started their own business – the goals they set and how they achieved them (a combination of hard work and luck).
  • Hosting the Folk Music Canada showcase room where I had the chance to interact with musicians, fans and other industry peeps – giving them info on FMC and making sure they had a good night; and (okay so it’s not conference related).
  • Finding out that my humble podcast – yes – the Murdoch Music Podcast, has surpassed 2,000 total downloads! I was blown away… and can’t express how grateful I am that there continues to be people out there willing to listen to my industry ramblings. THANK YOU!

So inspired was I, by said downloads… that I decided to continue to give the people what they wanted & recorded another podcast interview with [            ]??

Sorry, I think I'm going to keep it a surprise..

Sorry, I think I’m going to keep it a surprise..

Can you guess the guest? Or maybe a better question would be – who do you HOPE it is? Send your answer to podcast [at]

And of course, to cap off the night – and lead us into the early hours of the morning were more great acts including Red Moon Road, Slocan Ramblers, The Lovelocks, the Small Glories – and, you guessed it – The Bombadils.

Here’s a gallery of these fine artists in action… day three update come’n at ya tomorrow!












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