FIA log, earth date 02-18-2015

If someone asked you when the last time was that you got 12 solid hours of sleep, the honest answer would probably be “When I was a newborn.” But last night, I revisited that ‘heavy as a rock, too tired to hit the bottle,’ kind of sleepy-bliss and slept HARD… only to awake feeling fresh as a daisy.

And good thing too – as Feb. 18 was the official ‘first day’ of FAI.

too sexy!

too sexy!

Some participants and bands were still rolling in throughout the day. The Bombadil’s made the trek down to KC from Chicago and were ready to rock (folk-style) upon arrival.

While conferences are great for planning meet-ups, one of the highlights of the experience is actually those ‘surprise meets.’ As I was wandering through the hotel halls I stumbled upon fellow copper-top, Connor Garvey – one of my favourite song-writers AND a Mishara Music artist.

For anyone who hasn’t been to FAI, much of what goes on, musically speaking, happens at night.

This is where the magic happens, but it's not what you think!

This is where the magic happens, but it’s not what you think!

Official showcases start at around 6:30 pm – but by 10:30pm, the private showcases and jam sessions erupt in an explosion of sound and activity … and the dust doesn’t settle until around 3am.

Thought you could escape the rockstar lifestyle because you opted to play the banjo? Think again.

Here are some hardcore folkers, rocking out last night:

It’s hard to believe that just five hours after the mics are unplugged, there’s a group of conference goers getting ready to join in the ‘runners’ group at 8 am (I will not be there).

I may have indulged in some BBQ though. Because what’s the point of being in Kansas City if you don’t eat ribs?

One of the more famous joints, and with good reason.

One of the more famous joints, and with good reason.

Despite what the picture says, this was a takeout MENU… however, I could easily see why men would have to be carried out of there.

More fun pics and conference recaps will be come’n at you tomorrow.

Till then folks!




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